Bragging Rights

Posted by: Marie Warner, Founder, CEO - Boston Women Connect on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

This summer I read "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg. As a former corporate executive who chose to "step out" as an entrepreneur, rather than "lean In", I challenge some of Sandberg's conclusions. But she made a valid point that women are not skilled at "tooting their own horn."

Most women -  entrepreneurs included - find it uncomfortable to self-promote. Entrepreneurial women have so much "self" pored into their business, that highlighting achievements seems boastful.  It's not.  At your next networking event, create and practice your "Brag-line".  Here's some suggestions on creating yours:

  1. Highlight the results you have achieved for a top customer; "My marketing company helped a local restaurant earn 'Best of Boston' recognition."
  2. Repeat a glowing testimonial; "The CEO of YXZ Widgets calls us the most effective recruiter ever hired by his company."  
  3. Share awesome news; "My law practice just added a new office in Waltham to keep up with our clients' needs."
  4. If you are just starting a business, feature your skills and experience; "After 10 successful years as a corporate Communications Director, I founded my own Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Firm."

So go ahead. Brag about it.




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