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Posted by: Nancy Zare on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 12:00:00 am


A Local Day Retreat for Heart-Based Entrepreneurs: Jan. 27, 2017

 Greater Boston is home to thousands of empowered, creative, passionate female entrepreneurs. While building a business can be thrilling and liberating, it can also be incredibly stressful. The uncertainty, responsibility, and even loneliness intrinsic in running a business can inspire overwhelm. The drive and determination required to get a business up and running is often to the detriment of physical and mental health - especially for those women who are caring for families. 

Stress remains America's number health threat. Earlier this year, The Washington Post compiled national health statistics and reported a dramatic 48% spike in death rates for rural white women ages 41-44. Heart disease and overdose - preventable issues - were the prevalent causes. 

It is imperative that women of all ages and races make self care a priority with intention of reducing stress. This means implementing supportive habits at home, mindfully increasing efficacy at work, and nurturing happiness. 

The upcoming Soulopreneur retreat at Wellesley College Club on January 27, 2017 offers women in business exercises in both stress relief and personal empowerment by building a supportive community of like-minded, local business collaborators; by providing top level consulting in growth, sales, branding, and bookkeeping; and by integrating restorative, practical self care routines that encourage flexibilty and happiness. 

Expect a day of skill building paired with yoga, meditation, nutrition coaching, sound healing, and even Journey Dance with creator Toni Bergins.

Best selling Hay House author Kate Northrup headlines this empowering and energizing business retreat, encouraging heart-based entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to use innate strength to grow business and secure financial freedom and live happier, more authentic lives. This is a fun, experiential conference. Participants are asked to leave their heels at home and dress in brightly colored athleisure wear, to reflect their bright futures. 

Kate is joined on stage by a passionate line up of local women... and perhaps by YOU! Independent judges will select one participant to present on the main stage for 15 minutes. Only those registered by January 9th may apply. Visit for details.



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