Delegating with Ease Workshop

Delegating with Ease Workshop


Is this you?  You know that in order to grow your business, your teams, and yourself, delegation is a must. You’re stretched to the limit with your current responsibilities. You dream of the day when you can focus on the work that is in your wheelhouse, and have someone else handle the rest. But you worry, “What if I go to the effort to delegate and don’t get the results I want? I don’t have time for that!” Sound familiar?

My Delegating With Ease Workshop will give you the information and tools you need to relieve the stress that comes with delegating. You’ll learn how to prioritize what to delegate, and how to set expectations and create accountability so the work gets done the way you want it. 

Would you jump at the opportunity

to give away some of what’s got you buried and harried?

It’s possible! My system for Delegating with Ease will show you the steps to successful delegation. 

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Date: September 14, 2017